Bacht spots, slim and still lights are used with flash generators of many makes. The latest units from renowned European manufacturers are “state of the art”, excellent tools with first-class performance and endless possibilities; we are happy to manufacture our special lights for these high-quality generators, cooperate with the respective companies since many years and recommend their products to our customers.

As a supplement for tasks where complex special functions are less important and/or for large area lights for which up to 12 generators are needed each, we now offer the Bacht P2400 flash generator: This unit is made by Godox and modified to our specifications, supports both LED and halogen model light. Its flash duration and flash recycling times are extremely short, the colour and power stability is convincing even for critical shots. At the same time, the operation remains logical and uncomplicated, and the price is moreover extremely fair.

You can find further information about the Bacht P2400 here.

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