Studioequipment Compact Ceiling Track System

compact ceiling track system

This compact ceiling track system was especially developed for smaller-sized studios and/or more leightweight light sources. It fulfills the highest profesional requirements for both quality and flexibility and offers an optimum price/performance ratio. The system is based on a newly developed shaped rail, which is especially easy to bolt together and assemble. The low assembly workload is positively noticeable, especially when moving.

The quality of a ceiling track system proves itself over years of trouble-free use. The system components and the accessories are all ideally coordinated from the rail to the pantograph. The manually operated system guarantees simple handling and maximum safety.

Of course, we also offer individual configurations for this ceiling track system, including installation at the customer’s premises. We look forward to hearing from you!

The advantages at a glance

1. The Track

The essence of our ceiling system is the result of many years of development; a system that is distinctly more torsion-resistant and has a higher load capacity than other systems on the market. Langer distances can be bridged with a lower number of tracks because of the higher stability. This also means simple assembly because fewer fastening points are required on the studio ceiling.


2. Quality

All the components we use are designed for a maximum service life. If you ever have the opportunity of using one of our ball-bearing mounted trolleys and can compare it with a product by another manufacturer, you will know what we mean.


3. Our Experience

We have been specialists in equipping very large photo studios, e.g. for automotive and furniture photography, for more than 20 years. Our ceilingtrack systems will safely and precisely support still lamps and panels weighing more than 100 kg and are remote-controlled. The know-how from this high end sector has been incorporated into the development of the BACHT Compact System.


4. Production and sales from a single source

As a German manufacturer with a direct sales organisation, we are able to offer an optimum price/performance ratio, as there are no dealer margins. In addition, because of our technical expertise, we can also implement any custom requirements, not just provide optimum advice. Assembly by our experienced engineers is also possible, if required.


5. The Warranty

We are also there for if you require service. To emphasise our quality claims, we provide a 5 year warranty for the BACHT Compact Ceilingtrack system.

Detailed information

The complex of problems in many photo stutios 

Anyone who has ever worked in a photo studio without a professional ceilingtrack system will certainly have gotten angry about the lamp stands and generators that constantly have to be moved back and forth and are always in the way everything the settings have to be changed. Not to mention the bothersome mess of cables everywhere. And, if you are trying to photograph a person or an object with hard backlighting with a light source above the subject, you inevitably have the bothersome stand in the picture as well.


The solution

With our new Bacht Compact Ceilingtrack system, we have the suitable solution. Irrespective of whether you are working with generators and lamp heads, compact devices, special lights or brightening lights, everything can be fastened properly to save space and be handy on the ceilingtracks whenever you need them. Ball-bearing mounted carriages are used to easily turn and shift both the transverse tracks and each of the individually suspended parts of your equipment into the required spot. The spring-mounted pantographs make height adjustments effortless, even with one hand. You will never have to worry about potential tripping hazards again as far as running your connection cable is concerned.

Quality & Safety

Quality is not an empty promise for us as we are convinced that a product should last a lifetime. That is why it stands to reason that our trolleys are fabricated from solid metal and are completely ball-bearing mounted. As far as the stability, safety and service life are concerned, we design the used materials so they are extremely sturdy in order that they will permanently withstand even high loads. The spring pantographs and other carriers are equipped with safety gear, which secures your equipment if a bracket is unintentionally loosened.

Flexibility and Expandability

The BACHT Compact Ceilingtrack system is standardly supplied in a size of 4 x 5 metres and includes three spring-mounted pantographs. Naturally, the system can be expanded at any time with accessories such as additional spring pantographs, telescopic bars, brackets for flash generators from various manufacturers, additional transverse tracks, fastening elements for rolls of background, etc. The system is also ideally suited for video productions with hot light. Is the standard size too large for your studio? No problem, we will supply custom lengthwise and transverse rails in accordance with your requirements at no additional cost.

Made in Germany

As is the case for all of all products, both the development and the production of our ceiling systems are done exclusively at our company base in Essen (Germany). This not only secures workplaces in Germany but is also a guarantee for constant high levels of quality during production. This is why we have a 5 year warranty on the trouble-free function of your BACHT Company Ceilingtrack system, which goes far beyond the legally required warranty time.

Simple Assembly

The assembly of the Bacht Compact Ceilingtrack system is easier than with other ceilingtrack systems. Depending on the condition of the ceiling, six fastening points usually suffice for the complete system as a result of the ultra-stable aluminium custom track. Even moving is no longer a problem with it. And, if you live in NRW (North-Rhine Westphalia) and want to concentrate on your photography due to time constraints, just ask us for a quotation including assembly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Starting with the purchase advice about tips and tricks during assembly and rapid support in the case of a service requirement, you can depend on us. We are also extremely proud of our good reputation as a specialist for customisations and custom–made products. Please get in touch with us if you have requirements that deviate from our regular product range; we will be pleased to give you competent advice.


te 2522 Pantograph

Load capacity up to 18 kg
Length up to 3900 mm, rotatable
Fitting for 5/8″ lamp adapter
Delivery incl. balancing spring, trolley and safety cable

Carriages and suspensions for generators or power supply units on request.

Assembly instruction

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