Studioequipment Fresnel Spot 80

fresnel spot 80

The ssp 80, our smallest spotlight, has an adapter allowing it be used as a multifunctional spot, e.g. for Dedolight attachments. The available optional accessories comprise of projection attachments for iris diaphragms mask holders and various masks. Perfect for highlighting details at product shots.

This spot has an extremely compact housing with active cooling and an infinitely variable lighting angle of between about 10 and 40 degrees. Using optimum accessories such as the barn doors, projection attachment with various masks and diaphragms or an iris diaphragm makes it possible to expand the range of applications even further.

Available for Bacht, Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel and Profoto flash generators.

Technical specifications

Fresnel Spot model (old)fs 80 (ssp 80)fs 175 (ssp 3000)fs 250 (ssp 6000)
sizes (L x B x H)
loadable to2000 J3200 J6400 J
halogen pilot light300 W650 W650 W
front lens diameter80 mm175 mm250 mm
lighting angle10-40°10-50°10-50°
weight2,6 kg6,8 kg13 kg
stand mount with quick change adaptor5/8"1 1/8"1 1/8"
on-off switchyesyesyes
thermal overload breakeryesyesyes
fan coolingyesyesyes
recommendable standscompact standcompact / easy stand compact / easy stand
suitable suspensions for the ceiling track systempantograph or motor ceiling telescopepantograph or motor ceiling telescopepantograph or motor ceiling telescope

Supplied for Bacht, Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel or Profoto flash packs.

Assembly instruction

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