Sudioequipment Penlights

penlight 20/30

Developed as the perfect interior illumination when shooting furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, vehicles or many other products. Tip for photographers of automobiles: The smaller model can be hidden below the vehicle seat. Both penlights have a stand fastener and are available for any generator type.

Technical specifications

light stick modelLs 200Ls 300
sizes (diameter x length x length of light)3,5x30x20 cm3,5x40x30cm
loadable to2000 J3200 J
number of cables11
weight0,5 kg0,6 kg
stand mount with photo thread3/8"3/8"
pilot lightnono
fan coolingnono

Independent of system: can be adapted to Bron, Elinchrom, Hensel, Multiblitz, Bowens or Briese power packs! Please indicate generator make and model when ordering.

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