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Slimlights are ideally suited as an illuminating light to reveal textures or create sharp outlines. Large areas can be evenly illuminated or interesting graduations can be achieved if they are set behind a diffuser. The two larger models include separately controllable light moduls, which can also be used to create gradulations within the lamp.

Bacht slimlights are equipped with a proportional halogen pilot light, diffuser cover and optional variable barn doors.
Thanks to the bi-voltage technology (120V/240V), these light fixtures can be used worldwide.

We’re offering the Slimlights for flash generators from Bacht, Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel and Profoto.

Technical specifications

Slim lights modellstl 069stl 130stl 190
size (L x B x H)69x10x14 cm130x10x14 cm190x10x14 cm
number of light modules123
loadable to3200 J2x 3200 J3x 3200 J
number of cables123
weight6,8 kg10,5 kg16 kg
stand mount on housing base with inclining joint1 1/8"1 1/8"1 1/8"
halogen pilot light200 W2x 200 W3x 200 W
on - off switchyesyesyes
thermical circut breakeryesyesyes
fan coolingyesyesyes
extension with counter weight for boom (optional)yesyesyes
recommendable standscompact / easy stand compact / easy stand compact / easy stand
suitable suspensions for the ceiling track systempantograph or motor ceiling telescopepantograph or motor ceiling telescopepantograph or motor ceiling telescope

Available for Bacht, Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel or Profoto packs. Please specify the version when requesting.

Assembly instruction

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