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Precise directed light and clean inward reflections with every theme: These allround still and strip lights in varying formats and sizes satisfy the highest requirements in still life photography and for technical applications. The results are gentle graduations and high colour brilliance with clean shadow outlines. All the models distinguish themselves by long lasting colour consistency.

The variants with multiple connectors enable the controlled modulation of gradients.

Bacht still lights can be used in ceiling track systems or on our compact stands, or the large versions on the universal stand. Barn doors are optionally available as accessories. Available for Bacht, Bowens, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Hensel and Profoto flash packs.

Technical specifications

modelfl 20120fl 20180fl 3040fl 4060fl 6080fl 80120
width x length (cm)20 x 12020 x 18030 x 4040 x 6060 x 8080 x 120
height (cm)202020202020
loadable to (Joule)2 x 3200 J3 x 3200 J3200 J3200 J3 x 3200 J4 x 3200 J
num. of light modules232234
halogen pilot light (W)6 x 75 W9 x 75 W2 x 150 W4 x 150 W4 x 250 W8 x 250 W
number of cables231134
weight (kg)10 kg16 kg7 kg11 kg17 kg23 kg
stand mount adaptor1 1/8" 5/8"1 1/8" 5/8"1 1/8" 5/8"1 1/8" 5/8"1 1/8"-
on-off switchyesyesyesyesyesyes
thermal overload circutyesyesyesyesyesyes
barn doors (optional)yes (fl 126)yes (fl 127)-yes (fl 123)yesyes
extension for stand mount with counter weight (optional)yes (fl 140)ys (fl 140)yes (fl 140)yes (fl 140)--
recommendable standscompact / easy stand compact / easy stand compact / easy stand compact / easy stand easystand / maxistandmaxistand
recommendable suspension for ceiling track systempantographpantograph, motor ceiling telescopepantographpantographpantograph, motor ceiling telescopeVierpunktaufhängung, motor ceiling telescope
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