Das Schienenprofil

The rail profile

The basic element of the expert ceiling track system is a high-quality-drawn aluminium rail with 8 integrated T-grooves, multifunctional and with high carrying capacity. Its overall construction guarantees a very high bending strength and great torsional strength (stiffness). Available surfaces bright drawn anodized in its natural colour or in an applied colour. The high static stability in large range of span and support widths (see tables of loads). Makes fewer points of support necessary than are usual with ordinary systems. This means in practise: easy fitting to all types and shapes of ceilings, supporting beams, I-beams, runners, rails, etc. and easy assembly. For studios that do not have such supporting structures available, free-standing framing can be built with this system. The great span of profile often provides the only solution for a daylight studio.

The elegantly formed, rounded aluminium profile, with its right angled vertical overall contour, has a T-groove along each upper and lower surface, and 3 T-groove on each of the 2 sides. The many grooves provide many possible uses.

Technical specifications

max. lumped loadN5620450031602330171014101140940790580440
max. line loadN/m562029101690106071050036027421013090

The deadweight G of 4,7 kg/m has been taken into consideration in the table. Permitted load with a deflection of L/200. These values apply to application as bearer on two supports.

Extract from the accessory program

te 2072 Suspension bracket, 10 mm drill hole

te 2073 Suspension bracket, 10 mm drill hole, 90° angle

te 2113 Mini-runner, plastic, white, ballbearings, 100 N carrying capacity

te 2114 Mini-runner, plastic, black, ballbearings, 100 N carrying capacity

te 2115 Cable carrier, triple, for suspension in the mini-runner

te 2127 Carabine hook, 80 x 80 mm galvanized

te 2155 Load runner, aluminium, with vertical 10 mm drill hole, 750 N carrying capacity

te 2622 Spring, carrying capacity 2-3 kg, 2000 mm cable

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