Cultural heritage in China

Equipment for archives, institutes and museums

In a country whose history spans more than 5 millennia, it is a particularly extensive task to preserve its cultural heritage: We’re pleased to install photo and video studios in many Chinese archives, institutes and museums in cooperation with our distributor Guangdong PSC Co Ltd.

Recently we equipped the ‘Guangzhou Museum of Art’ with a Bacht Maxi Light 3 x 5 m, several Bacht Striplights and spots including Bacht P2400 flash generators in a fully motorised ceiling track system. In addition, a Bacht camera positioning system was setup for the automatic alignment of a medium format camera. An impressive 6 x 12 metre cyclorama allows to shoot large objects or to work in several places at the same time.

This highly professional studio allows the responsible experts to efficiently and accurately document and analyse the wide variety of objects in their extensive collection. More information about this museum can be found here.

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